EXTC (L-R) Steve Hampton, Matt Hughes, Terry Chambers, Steve Tilling
EXTC (L-R) Steve Hampton, Matt Hughes, Terry Chambers, Steve Tilling

EXTC - featuring legendary XTC drummer, Terry Chambers - is bringing the XTC songbook to audiences worldwide, including tracks never previously performed by the band. The show spans XTC's whole career, from their early spiky anthems to the sonic tapestries of later years. EXTC is also writing new material, forging an exciting new direction for Terry and the band.

Terry Chambers - Drums

The powerhouse behind XTC, Terry Chambers is one of the world's most respected drummers. As XTC's original drummer, Terry's unique rhythms propelled tracks like Making Plans for Nigel, Senses Working Overtime and Generals and Majors. With top producer Hugh Padgham (XTC, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel), Terry trailblazed the huge drum sounds that became the hallmark of hits like In the Air Tonight, Born in the USA and Hounds of Love. In 2016, Terry reunited with XTC bandmate, Colin Moulding. Under the name TC&I, Terry and Colin released the acclaimed Great Aspirations EP in 2017 and Naked Flames live album in 2019.

Steve Tilling - Lead vocals, guitar

Steve was a member of TC&I - the band of XTC's Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers - and features on TC&I's live album, Naked Flames. He is also the founder of British rock band, CIRCU5.

Steve Hampton - Guitar, vocals

Steve has worked with artists including Joe Jackson, The Vapors, The Move and Ashley Campbell (daughter of Glenn). He is also founder and frontman of acclaimed americana band, Dead Crow Road.

Matt Hughes - Bass, vocals

For over 20 years, Matt has worked with major global artists including Robyn Hitchcock, Rick Wakeman, Damian Wilson, Roger Beaujolais and Bonnie Tyler.